7 Poultry Care Tips for the Novice Poultry Farming Owner

With demand for poultry products increasing day by day, more and more people are getting attracted towards the profitable business prospect of poultry farming. For operating a viable poultry farming business, the owners need to pay attention to the delicate care and maintenance that poultry requires. Here are a few poultry care tips for the new poultry farm owner:

1. Ensure Adequate Housing Conditions

The cage for your poultry could be a simple or concrete house. Depending on the number of poultry animals you have, you should have enough number of houses to accommodate them all without overcrowding. The houses should be built outside in an open air place, they should be sufficiently spaced apart from each other and they should receive good air ventilation and natural light. Make sure that the houses are clean and dry at all times.

2. Keep Necessary Poultry Supplies Handy

It’s good to have poultry essentials like poultry drinker, chicken feed bin, laying nests, waste disposal system, incubator, egg tray, egg handling nest, heaters, etc. on hand. These items are integral to any well-furnished poultry farm.

3. Take Proper Care of Their Diet

Proper feeding of chickens is of absolute importance in poultry farming to ensure proper growth of the birds. You could buy ready-made poultry feeds or produce the feeds on your own. Your chickens need a balanced diet that consists of minerals, vitamins and protein. Fresh and clean drinking water should be easily accessible to the chickens. This is where you could use a chicken drinker.

4. Have Robust Fencing System Installed

If you have a free range poultry farming system in place, then it’s crucial that you install a sturdy fencing to protect your poultry birds from attacks by predators. Wire is a popular choice for fencing.

5. Ensure Good Sanitation, Hygiene and Cleanliness

The health of your poultry is contingent upon their living conditions. It’s your responsibility to provide them with a healthy and clean living environment. The cage and outdoor spaces where the poultry lives should be regularly cleaned to prevent build up of manure and odour. The poultry drinkers and feeders should also be sanitised at regular intervals.

6. Be Vigilant Towards Their Health Quality

Similar to the way humans need routine health check-ups to ensure their good health, poultry birds need regular health check-ups too. You have to facilitate all the appropriate medications and vaccinations that the birds need for growth and disease prevention. Enlist the services of a veterinary doctor who keeps a close eye on the health care of your poultry.

7. Make Them Feel as Comfortable as Possible

It takes a lot of work to keep your chickens safe and healthy. You should prepare a daily care ritual that centers around their health and comfort. Proper warming up of the cages, providing the birds with nests for laying eggs, keeping the flooring neat and dry, allowing the birds to wander outside their cages from morning to evening, etc. are some of the many little things that are important in poultry care.

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