All my sketchnotes from Confab 2018

Or: Ruin all the bones in a human hand, in 30 hours or less!

The notebook

A dot grid Baron Fig Confidant Plus. I use black ink Paper Mate Flair pens.

(I wrote more about how I do this below the photos.)

How I do this

I’m not a visual artist or an Instagram influencer or a person with special abilities. Some people have been praising me on Twitter for having talent, but it’s not talent; it’s practice! It comes from somewhere:

  • The book Syllabus by Lynda Barry taught me to doodle without a critical inner voice. It changed my life.
  • I know sketchnoting is a thing because I first saw my mentor and friend and director Mel Miller do it.
  • I write by hand often, every day. I use the Baron Fig for everything work-related and I write in a 5-year diary before bed every night.

In case it isn’t clear… I love Confab

I’ve been going to Confab for four years, and I always return to Pixo leveled up. There’s nothing like it. Thank you so much to the Confab staff, to all these wonderful speakers for your work, and to my fellow attendees.

I’m @LGatesMarkel on Twitter, where I posted all of these originally.