The term “coronation” - defined as the ceremony of crowning a supreme ruler, monarch or their consort- could not be further from the reality of Hillary Clinton’s distinguished career, and anyone with the slightest appreciation for her hard won success knows it.
Stop Calling It a Coronation
Helen Stickler

Thank you so much for calling this out, Helen. I too bristle at the disingenuity of the smear. I can’t imagine any other industry in which we would regard a high-level executive with decades of experience, a resume packed with accomplishments, and the support and endorsement of respected colleagues at all levels — and dismiss all of it wholesale.

Hillary is the opposite of entitled. Indeed, she’s the hardest working, most qualified presidential candidate of my lifetime. She’s done nothing less than dedicate her entire life to service, and every one of those 13mm+ (and counting) primary votes so far, including mine, has been well-earned.

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