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By Marcus Williams, Lance Koonce, and Kennard L. Noyes

There is a certain irony in the fact that the legal principles that currently govern the regulatory treatment of cryptocurrencies draw primarily from a 1946 case dealing with investment contracts in Florida orange groves. …

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Tree Of Knowledge by Knilram via Attribution Engine. Licensed under CC NC

Part I: Why It Matters

When anyone touts a new technology as “revolutionary,” some skepticism is in order. If someone tells you something is going to be “as big as the Internet,” you should probably nod politely and move along.

Blockchains, the technology under the hood of Bitcoin, have already been the subject of a lot of hype. The story goes like this: Bitcoin has received a bad name because of its association with the black market and hacked currency exchanges, but the technology on which it is based can be a powerful tool to transform many different industries. …

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Our annual DOWNLOAD event will be taking place tomorrow. Unfortunately it’s sold out, but we’ll be blogging about the blockchain session we’re doing in the afternoon. We’re especially excited to welcome our three great panelists, Carlos Mendez of Crayhill Capital and Monegraph; Yorke Rhodes from Microsoft; and Rik Willard of Agentic, to the DOWNLOAD stage.

Here’s a description of the panel:

BEYOND BLOCKCHAIN: Distributed Networks for All Industries

When the bitcoin cryptocurrency first appeared seven years ago, few expected that its implications would stretch beyond virtual currency and online payments. …


Lance Koonce

Father, Tech/IP Lawyer, Dis(Mis?)placed Carolinian. Tweets about #IP #blockchain #bitcoin #AI #VR #privacy #NYCtech

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