Using the Logic of Natural English Grammar — Active and Passive

How can active and passive voice be taught?

There is no need to “teach” active and passive voice as there is no grammar in these terms.

They are pure Life situations, and every human being is capable of easily distinguishing between

Active (= the subject does the action)
Passive (= the subject receives the action).

If a situation is Active, the student knows that a formula for his/her sentence is one of the

1. Active Simple
2. Active Continuous
3. Active Perfect
4. Active Perfect Continuous

He explains it to… >>> Active Simple Present
He was explaining it to… >>> Active Continuous Past
He will have explained it to… >>> Active Perfect Future
He has been explaining it to… >>> Active Perfect Continuous Present

If a situation is Passive, the student knows that a formula for his/her sentence is one of the

1. Passive Simple
2. Passive Continuous
3. Passive Perfect
4. Passive Perfect Continuous

It will be explained to… >>> Passive Simple Future
It was being explained to… >>> Passive Continuous Past
It has been explained to… >>> Passive Perfect Present
It will have been being explained to… >>> Passive Perfect Cont. Future

– Why didn’t I see it before? >>> Active Simple Past
– Because we’ve been rushed for time. >>> Passive Perfect Present

A sixth sense warned him that he was being watched.
A sixth sense warned >>> Active Simple Past
he was being watched >>> Passive Continuous Past

– Why have you withheld this information?
I don’t recall withholding it. I seem to remember asking for continuance when we submitted our motions.
You did not present enough detail for me properly to respond at that time.
have you withheld >>> Active Perfect Present
(I) don’t recall >>> Active Simple Present
(I) withholding >>> Active Simple Gerund
I seem >>> Active Simple Present
(I) to remember >>> Active Simple Infinitive
(I) asking >>> Active Simple Gerund
we submitted >>> Active Simple Past
You did not present >>> Active Simple Past
(me) to respond >>> Active Simple Infinitive

The man, named Li, can be seen being hit by the cars repeatedly in the middle of a road. 
The man, named >>> Passive (Simple) Participle
The man… can be seen >>> Passive Simple Modal
The man… being hit >>> Passive Simple Participle