Smart Parents. Happy Kids.

Home ownership is a universal dream. It’s the bedrock of financial security, a linchpin of ambition.

Sadly home affordability has plummeted. The majority of 20–39 year olds are forced to live in rented accommodation and spend nearly half their salary on rent!

Property prices and rent costs continue to rise. Low interest rates compound the despair. Personal savings and parental contributions earmarked for a deposit can’t even come close to keeping up with property prices. The homeowning hopes of a generation are fading.

Enabling a family’s resources to keep pace with the property market transforms a bleak future into a promising one. It propels a deserved generation into home ownership and obliterates anxiety for millions of despairing parents.

ParentFund is a property crowdfunding platform for parents of millennials. ParentFund supercharges parents resources in order to maximise the financial assistance they can give their child when buying a first home.

Parents join together to buy residential rental properties, that are sourced, vetted and managed by ParentFund. Parents share the monthly rent payments and can sell their holdings at leisure and enjoy any capital growth.

ParentFund provides smart parents a safe way to access and earn superior returns from a large, trusted and desirable asset class which up until now has been outside the reach of most of them.

ParentFund removes capital, skill and time barriers of property investment whilst providing easy diversification and liquidity. Parents can expect an annual return far higher than achievable from a bank savings account.

ParentFund helps make kids homeowning dreams and parents peace of mind reality.
Smart Parents. Happy Kids.