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The architect I chose is Ishigami who is a Japanese architect. In his most of works, he likes creating an invisible architecture and combining with environment. He likes to make his works more transparent, floating and simple. Ishigami also said “as a Japanese person, natural elements are also always artificial and there is no authentic nature — even forests and landscapes are artificially created”. In my opinion, I think he wants to represent when a architect design his works, he needs to make the relation between his design and natural elements. About my first model, I refer his model skills, I created a three layers apartment and used stairs to connect each layer. Also, I used paper to make a rotary stair which may represent one of his work. He uses rotary stair to make his model more floating. And in my week 8 models, I made five models which have different layouts. I played with stairs in my first two models, I put the stair at the same side and also different side to show how can I change the stair in my models. For the other models, I put some functions inside, such as beds and tables to create bedrooms and study rooms. I also used tracing paper to make a small garden in the centre. Combining all draft models, I design my final model to be a student accommodation. I chose the different side stairs to make stairs which can go around my building and I raise the first floor more higher to become a lounge. In the centre of my building, I keep the small garden inside but I change the material that can obtain more transparent feeling. Overall, I learnt from Ishigami how can I design this building which may connect with environment and human activity also how can we make models more transparent and floating.


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