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There’s been a ton of hype building around the LID community again as people are super interested on our next presale launch. With our LIFTOFF finance service and also LID certified presale for Community and Premium projects.

We just had a community voting and project AMA with QuiverX. QuiverX Capital is a crowdfunding platform utilizing blockchain technology. You’ll be able to do some seriously smart investing in new projects through QuiverX’s platform!

Please check them out below

Here’s what transpired and discussed during the AMA.


Y0giJi | QuiverX: Hello 👋🏽 everyone thanks @PenProtocol and the LID community for hosting this AMA! …

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Introducing LIFTOFF Finance from LID Protocol

LID Protocol has been forefront in the DeFi space in providing safe guards for investors and projects alike, through it’s highly successful LID Certified Presales platform. Through the LID Presales service, start-up projects are able to raise funds — unlike any other fund raising event, the LID Presales service is designed to prevent rug-pull scams that continue to plague the DeFi landscape.

This is done in some key areas:

  • Once funds are raised and targets hit, the liquidity allocation of Ethereum and native project tokens are trustlessly deposited into Uniswap liquidity, with the tokens being burnt automatically — this places and locks forever the liquidity into Uniswap. …

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As we strive to be the best in the business, we also like to share our development update and ILO Presale Changes moving forward. We have conducted an AMA session within the Team so we could present our action plans for the coming month/s. We also presented our new product LIFTOFF! Here’s what we have discussed and transpired during the session.

Points of discussion

* Project presale performance

* Project quality moving forward

* Premium Presales and our new product LIFTOFF

* Halborn audit

* Future partnerships

* TRON integration

* Branding identity

* Medium article on rug pulls

* DeFi landscape…


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