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Introducing LIFTOFF Finance from LID Protocol

LID Protocol has been forefront in the DeFi space in providing safe guards for investors and projects alike, through it’s highly successful LID Certified Presales platform. Through the LID Presales service, start-up projects are able to raise funds — unlike any other fund raising event, the LID Presales service is designed to prevent rug-pull scams that continue to plague the DeFi landscape.

This is done in some key areas:

  • Once funds are raised and targets hit, the liquidity allocation of Ethereum and native project tokens are trustlessly deposited into Uniswap liquidity, with the tokens being burnt automatically — this places and locks forever the liquidity into Uniswap.
  • Any token allocation that is 5% or greater, must be placed into time release locked smart contracts. Some examples include staking rewards, DAO allocations, and always Team token allocations.

With the success of LID Presale ILO’s, it became apparent that further market saturation was required to more fully cover the DeFi space from all levels of rug-pull scams.

Not all rug-pulls are of very high value — often, it is small or micro cap raises that steal funds from investors, with the effects of which go largely unnoticed by the wider community.

Enter our brand new project — LIFTOFF.

LIFTOFF is an entirely revolutionary approach to combating rug-pull scams, within a different market sector. LIFTOFF will be a fully automated, self-service platform for smaller start-up projects to use to raise those initial funds.

The LIFTOFF self-service platform will:

  • Automatically and permanently lock liquidity,
  • Use powerful mix of time-locking and permanently locking smart contracts.
  • Have requirements for token audits if not using standardized ERC20 contracts,
  • Be catered to start-up raises up to and including 500 Ethereum hard cap.

This is a huge step for our goal of continuing to provide a safe investor environment in the DeFi space. Join us as we continue our journey to provide a safer DeFi space, not just for us, but for everyone.


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The official voice of LID Protocol.

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