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6 min readMay 10, 2024
Official Community Takeover Roadmap (Thank you Dom Draper + KryptoCircus)

We’re not leaving.

Welcome to the Community Takeover.

The release of a roadmap marks Luna Inu’s final introduction to the crypto space. The Community Takeover (CTO) Team is proud to present the long awaited roadmap. As the CTO started in January, we were left to command the reins of a Grade-A meme from scratch. Future plans were developed early on into the revival but never written down officially — so here it finally is!

Filling in the gaps…

Starting from scratch means every small goal is a great victory.
The CTO team has faced many challenges internally and externally to achieve success.

A brief recap:


… paved the way for hype and early adopters. An initial call to action was put out to buy in for ‘beermoney’, to which many did. Token distribution was preserved in the sense that, no holder to this day has over 2% of the supply.
A market cap spike to 13 Million marked the January ATH.

As of May, we are over 8100 holders strong!


… marked very hard times which many held through with diamond hands. The story of which has been retold in the community many times: An old community member from 2022 created an NFT collection and rugged the funds intended to go to a small CEX listing.

Fearing nothing, holders refused to capitulate at 1 Million Market Cap when tragedy struck.
All this ultimately led to a community member donating $8000 of their personal funds to cover for the community’s losses.
Within a week, that $8000 translated to a (non-US) CEX listing and a snowball of events that led to the events of March.

A wonderful meme from our beloved community.


LINU listed on the widely acclaimed Bitmart to a substantial success. Our Market Cap shot up to 30 million in a matter of days on the announcement of both CEX listings.

As this CTO is a trial and error process, there have been several good events for every one thing that doesn’t pan out.

In late February we listed with Citex. This proved to be a mistake as they delisted our token in March without explanation. Citex gave a brief window of time allowing those who held LINU on their platform to retrieve their tokens into their self custody wallet of choice. They have since completely changed their website and have ghosted our community as a whole.

Upon listing with FameEx right before Bitmart, they had left us with a broken Market Maker in the first two weeks. This did not impact the token positively or make it easier to trade LINU.
We are currently still listed on FameEx but it is the team’s recommendation to not buy, sell, or hold on FameEx.

Being that our team had no prior experience listing a token on ‘low-tier’, ‘low bar to entry’ exchanges, lessons were learned.
We hope to shoot for only the best possible exchanges in the future *hint*.

As of now and for the foreseeable future LINU will stay listed on Bitmart. The CTO team believes Bitmart is fairly reputable enough for new holders to use until bigger exchanges pick LINU up.

Official Bitmart LINU listing announcement


More practical effort was put in to keep the community engaged and the token alive.
Our most important endeavor was creating a Base trading pool for LINU using Axelar to create a proxy contract on Base

More content, more memes, more material was created and a few creative initiatives were started.
Things are looking up now that there is much less drama to report.

Roadmap Explained

Phase 1

After much effort and removal of bad actors from the old community takeover, February marked the end of Phase 1.
Our biggest accomplishment from Phase 1 would be the establishment of a Multi-sig wallet to act as a Community donation pool. All funds currently go to prospective marketing and delivery of funds to CEXes.
Though we have no current plans to burn any tokens at this price level, a future token burn can be held using the Multi-sig / Donation pool.

Phase 2

Given our current state, some parts of Phase 2 are finished and others will need to be constantly revisited.
We’re still looking for bigger and better CEXes.
We will still pursue creative ways to market LINU.

Phase 3

All profits go to the Community Multisig.
If you wish to contribute a design to the shop, please contact us on Telegram (fast response time) or Twitter (slower response time).

As said before, there will be some repeatable steps in each Phase.
Community engagement and growth is always something LINU will be wrestling with. We have a core that isn’t going anywhere but growth is always welcome.
We can pursue a branding update / logo redesign if the Community agrees.

Phase 4

Here’s the fun Phase.
For the sake of not spoiling anything yet, work on a game for LINU has started.
An NFT redemption collection is an eventuality after we reach a few larger milestones.
Tier 1 CEXes like CDC, Binance and Coinbase are what we’re shooting for when it becomes appropriate for us. We will do all we can to lay the groundwork for them in the mean time.

That’s all we can disclose for this Phase at this time.

Phase 5

Now we’re getting very ambitious!

Following in the footsteps of Dogecoin and SHIB, we wish to do more of the same.
Approaching this Phase, LINU plans to be everywhere at once.
A global brand if you will.

We also plan to push LINU to participate in the GameFi space eventually.
We believe a utility project (Aviator) could facilitate the blockchain infrastructure necessary to host a LINU game fully on-chain somewhere in the future.

Still on the topic of Blockchains, we think Luna Inu can initiate it’s own DEX in the way of SHIB with Shibarium given the proper backing.

Phase 6

Oh yeah, we’re serious.
See you in Monaco with the F1's.

Persistence is key.

Through so much volatility, our community hasn’t given up.
Our team hasn’t given up either.
We’re still taking the necessary steps to keep the token alive.

Join us for the ride while it’s still early!

Slow and steady wins the race.







Contract Address (ETH): 0xf7ef5352de45a20d8c8565cd94a4bd6c8831f749

Contract Address (Base, Uniswap V2): 0xb7b7f90725a4e3acd37f0cc74d9fc77a436c2cb7

Donations (Multi-Signature): 0xd8520b9074653B45364fab747f3B097326b9635d

Until the next update! Bye for now.