Dear NPR,

I read an article about an NPR host’s backlash over interviewing Kim Kardashian. Some listeners were angry that he would have Kim on the show and that she’s “everything that’s wrong with the world”…the main point he was trying to drive home is that regardless, Kim is a very, very business savvy and smart entrepreneur (oddly enough, he’s right), but in the article published June 30, 2015, he calls Khloe “heavyset” & refers to another woman as “heavyset”. Khloe has worked super hard and you can clearly see she looks great now. Yes, she’s not 5 feet tall & isn’t a walking piece of paper, but is it necessary to refer to her as “heavyset”? Does that say that anyone who isn’t 5'2" 110 llbs is considered “heavyset”? Anyway, my point being this man could have used any other reference or not even commented on the weight part at all considering the entire article was him telling listeners that “THEY’RE the problem with the world” when in reality the insidious undertone of the article was clearly that this man is “everything that’s wrong with men” in society these days. Men sure have a lot of nerve even making any comment about women regardless of their size/hair color/skin color/boob size/ass size, etc…Women are beautiful no matter what. Can’t say the same for all men. I’m sick of short little tiny ass midget men who can’t break 6' calling women big. No, sir, you’re just SMALL.