When Forbes Doesn’t Keep It Real

I hate all these articles and companies that glorify young entrepreneurs who have start-ups or millions of dollars. Sure, there are few people who really put the work in and climb their way from the bottom to the top, to whom I tip my hat. But there’s so many written pieces on young millennials that have had shit handed to them. How parents “front money” to start companies, or “subsidize rent” so they can invest everything into their ideas. I could honestly give two shits what some millennial has done with their life if mom & dad basically paved the way for you while you rode in on your ivory bicycle *cue eyeroll*. I want to hear about the real entrepreneurs who don’t come from white collar backgrounds. That have built everything on their own foundation. The ones who fail and still keep working through their blood, sweat and tears so that they see their ideas through. I don’t care to hear about some prodigy whose parents bought their first web hosting business, or kids whose parents just so happened to be a CEO or have some sort of network or connection that was vital for their success. I know I’m hating a little bit and by all means I’m not trying to take away from people who have succeeded, but I would feel far more encouraged and enlightened to hear about other successful young people who didn’t have the odds in their favor.