What We’re Reading — Nov 21, 2016

Hello Community Development world — every Monday, LISC’s national communications team shares the most interesting articles they’ve read over the last week.

For the next few months, we’re going to try publicly sharing our reading list. Please let us know if you find it useful by contacting us via Medium or Twitter

  1. Maurice Jones lays out “Audacious Goals” in first major policy speech for LISC — LISC.org

2. Treasury Department announces $7 Billion in New Markets Tax Credits Allocation, including $85MM for LISC — LISC.org

3. The realities of policing in Flint, Michigan — Great text + VR Storytelling from NYT Opinion

4. How the tax code could ease the burden on renters — Report from UC Berkeley Terner Center on Housing, covered in Next City

5. 47% of jobs are can be replaced by robots in the next 2 decades. Here’s how cities are helping their workforces adapt. — Report from the National League of Cities. Article in Next City

6. Ohio Mayors are finding it hard to get their agenda passed at the state level, so they’re banding together to make their voices heard at the in the state legislature. — Next City

7. The White House launches the Council on Community Solutions to help local governments interact with federal resources. Next City

8. The Obama administration’s 2010 Strategic Plan on Homelessness is on track to completely eliminate veteran homelessness and could eliminate chronic homelessness completely if the Trump administration continues its policies. Citylab citylab

9. President-Elect Trump has vowed to deport millions of undocumented immigrants and completely cut off federal aid to the “Sanctuary Cities” that have pledged to protect their residents. Citylab maps out where the municipalities where the showdown will happen.

10. Next City has an in-depth report on how the 11th st. Bridge Park in Southeast DC is a model for how major urban projects can incorporate equitable development and anti-displacement policies.