Freedom Empowers Our Individuality

I think I’m having an epiphany. I found my definition of what separates the best of us from the ordinary. There are people out there that we may admire or aspire to be like ourselves. I contend that the paramount attribute that connects all of our role models or heroes is simply freedom.

Freedom is the fundamental motif underlying mankind’s greatness. It is what separates us from the animal kingdom. Our freedoms are lightyears beyond those of any other species on Earth. We are able to think abstractly and critically with logic and reason. We are able to move more dynamically than any other animal. We have built vehicles that allow us to travel the world and even leave it in hours. And we have built a tool, the internet, that allows us to faire those same tasks in seconds. Our art displays a medium of self expression unmatched in autonomy by any other time period in history.

Despite all these liberties, we still feel horribly constrained by the lives we live. These are bounds created by us, not necessarily the natural world. Freedom means something different in the twenty-first century. We now seek it in terms of finance and relationships more than ever. In my opinion, this desire is what defines the people who we see as role models in today’s society. They are those who simply aren’t bound. They are free in whatever way we value the most. Someone who values aesthetic physicality more than most other things looks up to a person like Arnold Schwarzenegger. For disciplines like Martial Arts, Bruce Lee is a common role model. On the other side of the spectrum, there are people like Lady Gaga, who are valued by millions. Have you ever wondered why she has so many fans? I believe a big part of it is her capability to express herself wildly, which is something a lot of her fans may have trouble with these days. Lastly, we can look at all of the major league sports players that are idolized by millions of people who value whichever sport they may. Muhammed Ali would be a great example of this not only as a boxer, but as a Black American who was able to become enormously influential.

The common connection all of these people have is freedom. It is the most vital trait of the best of us. Those who are capable of doing what most others can’t often lead the happiest lives. Despite some superstars having a great amount of ability in one area, I believe that the happiest of the human population are those who are free in every aspect of their lives and are working for the freedoms of others. It is my theory that people who have found their true calling in life are those who have been radically liberated in one way or another. Whether it is financially, spiritually or in terms of any other aspect of life, it does seem to be the case that the most influential people are those who have attained a certain kind of freedom. People like Malcom X who educated himself while in prison or the Bhudda who underwent a life long spiritual journey undoubtably found their callings in life. This can work for anybody. Not only does the pursuit of freedom help you reach your full potential, but it also allows you to transcend that potential into a something greater than yourself. My major life goal is to reach that state.

Now how do we reach this level of human capability? To me, the best way to start is with two efforts. If you want to be free, you must obviously rid yourself of your vices. This isn’t easy, and that’s why not all of us are the most valued people. Whatever it may be, from drinking coffee everyday to being inconsiderate of others. A vice is a vice. It holds us back from being better people. No one can do this immediately, or even completely. That’s why I don’t think it’s completely required that you rid yourself from all your vices before you go on moving forward. Gaining liberty in all aspects of one’s life simultaneously is equally impossible. Therefore, I believe we should start with progressing at the things that we want to do. This is a great way to have a foundation to both tackle our vices and move other capabilities forward. Start with what matters most to you! If you have a passion, then don’t ignore it. Make it your purpose in life. If you want to secure financial freedom, then take that task head on until you’re successful. Mastering anything will give you the strength to master other aspects of life. The most important point behind all this is that you mustn’t be lazy. Counter-productivity is the enemy of personal growth as is fear. If you’re on a path that you’ve been told to take, you’ll never become the person you want to be. You will never reach your full potential unless you face your fears and do exactly what you know you need to do!

So remember, whatever vices you may have, it’s time to rid yourself of them. And whatever you know you want to do with your life, you better get to it. This blog is that for me. Those who reach a level of wholesome freedom live wonderful lives and go on to do the greatest things. You can become that person. I certainly am planning on it.

P.S. What do you think about my philosophy? A big reason why I started writing was to learn what other people think about my philosophies on life and to start a dialogue about these topics.

DISCLAIMER: THIS IS AN OLD ESSAY, AND THEREFORE A PERSPECTIVE THAT I’VE SINCE GROWN ON. Feel free to take whichever ideas you appreciate and leave the ones you don’t. :)