The Problem With Smart People

I have noticed, when speaking to many people whom I would consider intelligent that they aren’t certain.

They are always very mentally capable, excelling at whatever they may be doing with their lives.

But they don’t seem to want to be doing whatever that is. Or they haven’t considered any other options than the ones that are in front of them.

I would describe this as a lack of skepticism or even emotional intelligence.

Believe me, I am well aware that there are millions of skeptical intelligent people out there. But I see a difference between smart and intelligent.

Smart seems to be defined not by one’s capability, but by one’s decisions.

And we all know that society places a countless amount of expectations and limits to our lifestyles.

I believe those limits are what create this problem with smart people.

Elaborating on a lack of emotional intelligence or skepticism, I believe many intelligent people are labeled smart when they start fulfilling the expectations of the people in their extended lives.

This label may be placed on them regardless of their desire to live in a way that may not be acceptable to most other people they interact with.

A great example would be an excellent student who majors in something like engineering going into university even though he or she may have a passion for the arts.

The right decision in that scenario is clearly that of majoring in that student’s passion.

But that student made the smart decision, or the decision that everyone in his or her life said would be smart.

And it isn’t necessarily their fault. Of course they’re going to value the concept of money more than that of the arts if they aren’t passionate about it.

Sometimes it takes someone who may either be a little less cortically intelligent or a lot more emotionally intelligent to have the confidence to do what they know they want to do with their lives.

When people congratulate someone all that person’s life for taking the paths that have been proven to be fruitful by other people, that person eventually stops questioning the status quo.

Of course that intelligent person will be successful with whatever they’re doing, but will they be happy?

It’s often that case that the smartest, most successful people in the world are those who have made horribly “stupid” decisions.

The problem with smart people is that sometimes they lack the confidence to make “stupid” decisions.

Sometimes they never knew any better.

Question everything. Follow your own path.