Story of my 1st hackathon, 4 geeky girls, 36 sleepless hours and 1 best app

We took a picture in front of a wall of ideas, diagrams and sticky notes

We attended the mobile app hackathon held by AT&T Foundry last weekend and we won the Best App from an All Women Team!

We are four girls with different backgrounds in design, front-end development and back-end development. We spent 36 sleepless hours together building our app BuzzNow from brainstorming, ideation, task analysis, sketching, prototyping to development. It was a night of countless caffeine, snacks and fun.

Our app BuzzNow aims to solve the single issue that students don’t have time to shop. Besides, BuzzNow also has the mission of building strong connections within the GT community by providing students with more chances to meet and help each other. If you like, you can view it as a shopping version of Tinder… Because of this social function of the app, we encourage users to put a short bio and picture on their profile. This app is safer than other location-based social apps since it only allows students who have student IDs to register.

One of the biggest challenges for making the app successful is probably lack of shoppers to finish requests for shopping. We tackled this challenge by creating an incentive system that after you help someone else shop, you will receive a “honey stick” and the total of your “honey sticks” will be reflected on your profile. When you need others’ help for shopping, your request will be seen first if you have the highest number of “honey sticks.” Vice versa, if you are low in “honey sticks,” your requests might get buried.

Please stay in tune for more progress on our BuzzNow project! And we appreciate your feedbacks and support :)