The Absolute Solutions to E-commerce Challenges

While the e-commerce world is ever growing, marketing and sales campaign still pose lots of challenges to entrepreneurs. The major issues are experienced while embarking on sales or marketing campaigns without critically analyzing the market or product for proper understanding and decision making.

Therefore, many marketers end up wasting lots of resources and precious time undertaking marketing campaigns without critical analysis and make non-verified decisions or simply put wrong decisions.

For the smart ones, they understand technology has for long handled this challenge. Do you wonder why I call them smart? They keep exploring more and more, seeking ideas to understand much about their businesses and how to run them profitably with the present technological height.

Have you ever thought of breaking through from the current e-commerce challenges? Then you have to:

1. Carry your business everywhere

Technology has made it possible that you have your business with you all time and anywhere. With mobile apps, you can monitor your business, get notifications and share your products with buyers or purchase products easily from just anywhere. Keep close contact with your business!

1. Make effective business decisions based on critically analyzed data

Most marketers only make it haste to taking business decisions and almost forget that good decisions are the foundation of the business growth and this is only guaranteed by critical data analysis. No business has limited exponential growth if its data forming the basis are critically analyzed and interpreted, clearly presented and easily accessed. All these form the foundation of a good business plan and decision making.

2. Analyze and Understand your products

If you own an e-commerce store, you must understand your products well enough even more than anyone else does. You can have details of every store item by accurate store keeping records. What product sells most from your item lists, at what time you make the greatest sales, what profit you made from the sales, if there was discount or refunds and from who? Keeping a track of your products is the best thing you can do to assure you’re taking the right parts always. If not, you will sure make lots of dreadful mistakes.

Also, a good understanding of your business and products will help you identify products with best sales performance or lowest sales outcome. What can you do with this? Make accurate changes to get desired outcome whatever situation your products falls in and restructure your sales plans.

Stay on Top the Marketing and Analytics heights

There is no doubt that every e-commerce store built on Magento requires proper marketing campaigns and further analytics. Campaigns launched by store owners may include customer loyalty programs which help to grant reward points to buyers. For instance, a client making a purchase over $500 can be entitled to reward points which they can use on next purchases. Or buyers getting 3 items on a specific brand may be rewarded too. Merchants can also make personalized product offers through the email campaigns, use content management tools to provide individual content to each customer segment, provide store credit (virtual currency) which a customer may use for further purchases, and more.

Adding to the above listed business success (business data analysis, products understanding, constant contact with your business, marketing campaigns and analytics and more) with the Magento 2 extensions, you can immediately start data-driven marketing campaigns, analyze results, and make improvements: