Whoever Cooked Up This World Needs To Find Another Job!

Why you should read the book “The Last Ditto” By FRANK MADDISH

Science is undergoing everyday advancement and we often wonder what happens or how it all came about. But, these are works of Fiction simply based on imagined technological or scientific advancements in the future and major environmental and social changes portraying time travel or life on other planets.

Science fiction also looks at the consequences of these possible changes that might occur from exploring other worlds we could possibly possess in the future. The fact that this singular definition is broad; it could be used to consider questions regarding politics, sociology science, as well as questions regarding the future.

“The Last Ditto” written by FRANK MADDISH captured my interest and portrays the best of an imaginary fiction which could hold the very best of our imagined future. Frank spotted out in His book that most of us are under the delusion that we’re here by chance, fate or divine intervention. And that science still struggles for a theory “Mutation” which is the lamest excuse for human existence yet understandable judging with its context.

It’s revealed in this book that dreams are the best way to learn about oneself, and to some extent, recapture control of a suppressed mind.

Most of the times, our best capacities are revealed in our dreams. Walking through the highest cliff without fear, doing things ordinarily is impossible. This is the basis of our future world, what it’s built upon.

Frank in his book reveals the speed of life is mirrored by the speed of time, which is a side-effect of the false barometer of the soul, known as the mind.

Could Frank’s dreams become realities?

“I’ve only dreamt of one inhuman life, an energetic being, living in an electric blue frequency of light, peppered with plasma pools that effervesced in a cobalt cave of fool’s gold stars. A symbolic construct for my benefit counteracting my limited understanding of a greater reality than I could possibly comprehend. A place outside of time and space, home to a society of all-knowing and benevolent beings of silence and solitude. Highly learned beings, some as tall as trees, who sat peacefully, or bathed, or merely glanced and smiled in the direction of yet another wide-eyed intruder. Their voiceless conversations guiding their young, soft soothing thoughts that crystalized with experience. A spectacle of sensorial splendor so beautiful, my heart sank as I struggled to form any kind of human comparison. I felt ashamed at my limitations, the gross acts of an instinctual individuality, barbed by the longing to hunt and gather information”.

But it seems in a way science is forging us into something else. All our dreams and space travel to enhance the future with imaginations is scaring now. It’s actually time to question science fiction. Frank also expressed his displeasure with the advances of science fiction in “The Last Ditto” and pointed out some excellent facts that are far more evident today. He expressed that the sky that was far more blue has turned as white as a sheet and whether it has been modified to kill or save the world no one can tell now. Seasons are clashing into each other, the sky transforming into a giant TV screen and stars hanging too low for his liking. The night sky is far too busy to bother with anymore and everything just not making sense.

Science fiction has indeed taken us too far beyond understanding. “I’m getting tired of surprises, there are so many glitches and I can barely bring myself to glance upwards”. What if the sky falls off its anchors anytime? It’s almost getting embarrassing how fake the world has become. How have we been controlled to believe these lies that the world is getting better when everything has turned fake?