Why do some people find it effortless to become successful and other people try their entire lives and never seem to make it?

I’m going to try and make this short, sweet and straight to the point. This excludes people that are happy to do what they do by the way. Also this is just my opinion of what I’ve learned and I can’t seem to fault it. If you can let me know.

So is it intelligence ? Well we’ve all heard success stories of college dropouts becoming multi-millionaires.

Is it the strategy that they use? I’ve seen people use the same strategy and obtain very different results so no correlation there.

Is it dedication? People who dedicate themselves to something are the ones who usually obtain great results. But we all know someone that is laid back and not as dedicated but still gets results.


The main reason why some people succeed using a particular strategy, and other people don’t, using the same strategy is their level of infatuation with becoming successful.

Infatuation and resentment are entangled and conserved through space and time. This means when you’re infatuated with something, you’re either simultaneously or eventually going to resent something to an equal degree. When you infatuate with someone or something you are blinded to the downsides. The downsides are in your unconscious mind, you haven’t processed them yet. When you infatuate with a person and you get together with that person, their downsides will shine through eventually. This is what we call “The end of the honeymoon period” lol. When we have infatuation for a particular person we are completely blinded to the downsides and we think that they should be living up to this perfect infatuation that we have of them in our minds………it’s not real, it’s not reality no one can live up to that. So when you want them live up to your idea of them in your mind, you are destined for failure in that relationship until you can get to love the downsides of them because everyone has downsides . And if you can’t come to terms with this you will start to resent them. The same thing happens with success and the pursuit of success. People infatuate with the idea of success and what success means in their mind. It’s a fantasy that they made up in their head and they’re completely blinded to the downsides.

If I sat you down and asked you what do you think the benefits of you making a million a year would be, I’m guessing we’d be there for a while as things would just flow into your head and out your mouth. But what if I asked you to tell me some drawbacks of making a million a year, I’m sure there would be an awkward silence lol. If you can’t think of any drawbacks you have an infatuation with success or a particular income bracket. EVERYTHING HAS DRAWBACKS. Making a million a year has drawbacks(I don’t make a million a year…not yet anyway😉), go and ask someone who does. Ask them what are the drawbacks of making a million a year and living your lifestyle, here’s a few examples…….Taxes, Accounting, workload, guilt, relationships with friends and family.

Let’s wrap this up

If you can list let’s say 20 benefits and only 1 drawback you are infatuated with success. The more skewed the ratio is towards the benefits, the more infatuation you have. The more equal it is, the more of a balanced perspective you have and likely to achieve the success you want. Some people see more drawbacks of being successful than benefits and dip into resentment and won’t even bother chase success.

One last thing

If you have been chasing success from a place of infatuation, understand that it’s probably coming from place of avoiding pain and seeking pleasure. Living life from these two extremes (Infatuation and resentment) is what most people do. But the masters of life never do that. They live life straight down the middle and know that every good has a bad, every drawback has a benefit. When you can neutralise those two emotions, you’re in the best mind frame to generate success…….Damn that was long lol…..All comments are welcome 👍🏾