My Trip to Los Angeles

It was a four day (but more like three day) trip to the City of Angels. My brother and his roommate drove me there and back, and for those 10 hours (more like 14) I will always be grateful. All the little things that annoyed me pale in comparison from what I got out of the trip: satisfaction.

I used to think of L.A. as this sparkly dream world, filled with hard working waitresses trying to become actresses, stressed directors, and almighty producers. While I don’t think those are completely off-kilter, I was wrong about the sparkly part. Los Angeles is ugly. I’m not talking about Beverly Hills, the hills in general, or UCLA campus, I’m talking about the streets that surround Sunset Boulevard — the ones that make you go: “where the hell am I?”

Seeing the ugliness, in a way, helped me realize that this is where I want to be. It made L.A. seem a lot less intimidating. I got the feeling that it was possible to drop everything and run here. That sleeping on the floor with two other people just to get $600 a month rent was doable. I stayed in Sherman Oaks and one of my really good friends, we have established that we have a soul-connection and I could not be happier with our relationship, took me around to see just what I needed to see in order to say: “yup. This is my place.”

My post-grad plans are to move to the Netherlands for one year, work as a waitress or tour guide, save money, spend said money traveling, and then return to the states with a new mindset and outlook on life. This experience will help me get into film school (here’s looking at you, UCLA) and live my dreams in Los Angeles.

Please do not confuse me with a star-eyed naive little girl. I understand that things will not be pleasant a lot of the time, I won’t get my dream job right away, and I will fail. However, I think the attitude of “playing it safe” is for the birds. As cliché as it may be, I only have one life — my life. I can do whatever the hell I want, wherever the fuck I want. My philosophy is to 1. work hard 2. play hard 3. do what I want, as long as it doesn’t harm those around me, and is productive in my own life and psyche.

To quote one of my previous entries, quoting the amazing Elaine Brown: “fuck it.”

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