UT Science Forum: Meet and Eat at Thompson-Boling Arena, now with parking too!

Title information for Dr. Skutnik’s Science Forum speech, Friday September 16, 2016. The UT Science Forum meets each Friday for lunch and a scientific presentation.

KNOXVILLE — The University of Tennessee Science Forum would like the public to know it is welcome to come to UT each Friday and enjoy a free science presentation while they eat lunch.

Program Coordinator, Dr. Mark Littmann said, “It would be wonderful for more members of the public come to the weekly Science Forum.” Topics and speakers are different each week so the content is never stale.

The UT Science Forum meets noon to 1pm on Fridays at the Thompson-Boling Arena Café Room C-D during both the Fall and Spring Semesters. The forum is free and open to the public.

Thompson-Boling Arena entrance being used for the UT Science Forum

Arrangements have been made for guests of the forum to have a temporary parking pass for the lots next to the arena.

Dr. Littmann said, “Science Forum talks are typically 35–40 minutes in length, leaving about 15 minutes for the questions.”

This week’s forum was a discussion on nuclear waste by nuclear engineer Dr. Steve Skutnik.

Dr. Steve Skutnik answers questions at the UT Science Forum Friday September 16, 2016. The Science forum has a public meeting at the Thompson Boling Arena each Friday in both the Fall And Spring semesters.

The group was formed in 1933 as the Knoxville Science Club as a way for members of the community interested in science to get together with scientists and discuss interesting scientific topics of the day.

It is open to any member of the public who has an interest in science. Guest need only show up with a brown bad lunch or purchase lunch from the Café. They can request a parking pass as they are entering the forum.

The forum schedule is posted on its website at http://scienceforum.utk.edu.

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