How I Slowed Down to Be a Better Writer

Monthly roundup — November

Photo by Josh Adamski on Unsplash

From fearless motivation to poetry, November was a month of polar extremes in my writing. Looking back, one theme stands out —self-reflection.

In our 24–7 culture, we often charge along at full speed. Hyperactive from dawn to dusk, we are always on a tight schedule. There are never enough hours in the day — when not putting out fires at work, we are absorbed by the admin of our daily lives.

As we speed along, we can neglect to reflect on how far we have come. The human impulse to always want more.

Look back at how far you’ve come

There is nothing wrong with setting the bar high, but when you are always wanting more you can overlook that which you already have. A better approach is to think back to where you started. Appreciate how much you have accomplished along the way.

Slowing down can help you to speed up.

To give a personal example:

In November I took a mini-break from long-form writing. I focused on writing in a more lyrical style, the output of which was a slew of poems and Haiku.

If you look at my Haiku you will notice I publish in both English and Japanese. Japan is a huge part of who I am. Yet, without Medium I would never conceived of writing a bilingual Haiku much less a regular poem!

Conventional wisdom says writers should stick to one genre. Well, I’m not a conventional person. I can’t churn out the same kind of material over and over again. Creatively, it is too restricting.

Since publishing Haiku, I have attracted more followers with an interest in Japan. This is a win-win, as I love writing about Japan!

Our lives consist of many different facets. When you build your writing around the many things that are important to you, you create a holistic set of content that can bring great benefit to others.

Medium is the perfect place for reflective experimentation. Taking that time out to try something different refreshed both my writing and me. It enabled me to find new audiences via a broader range of publications.

This past week I have resumed regular programming with a couple of long-form articles. Somehow they resonate better with my expanded audience, in so far as I can see from the stats and comments.

Here is a recap of my latest articles, poems and Haiku— enjoy!

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Lifestyle & Diversity

Thank you for reading!

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