Dissecting An Old Quote Of Mine

We are only a small piece to life’s mystery. However, we all have our own special place to be put to complete that puzzle. Once we find that spot, it is possible to stay connected.
Picture taken by Lady Katastrophy on May 20, 2014

With this quote in mind, I guess I also didn’t think of how LONG it would take to find that spot to stay connected.

So how long? The hell if I know. That, is entirely up to you.

You are the one that makes your own decisions, how to make them, and when to make them. You are the only one that can screw it up again, or to make it right. The choice is all yours.

We also have a special place that we fit to complete that puzzle. Where do we fit in? Again I say..the hell if I know! That is also up to you. You can either choose to fit in, or you can choose to create your own space.

…and is life still a mystery? I think the only mystery to life…is death. I say this because it seems as if people ask about why we die more than as to why we live. However, maybe the “mystery of life” as a whole, was never really cut up into little pieces and observed like I am doing right now…and if it has, I am pretty sure I would have more questions to ask along the way.

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