As you can see he made this statement on Fake News.
Hubert Abel

The reason nothing was found on Clinton is because all the Dems under Marxist Barry were either involved or silenced with threats or cash. For all of you who believe the conniving, murderous bitch Hillary, it will make me as well as hundreds of thousands of others, dance and sing when all the truth is revealed regarding the many evil and law breaking acts she, her family and cohorts have committed. (Just ask he Haitians)

Democrats do not stand for the middle class (formerly what they were known for) since eight years of Marxism ideology. Growing up a Democrat, I remember being a kid and knowing of and hating Communists. Now? Democrats love Socialism and you know where that leads…oh, well you probably don’t.

The GOP is pretty rotten itself. Also I desire to see the lazy, money loving members of that party be outed, fired and jailed as well.

President Trump is actually the strongest and most insightful person to have as our leader at this time for the job of cleaning house (on a massive scale). I believe he is a mixture of the old Democratic Party who really cared for the people and a Republican wanting to efficiently cut out big, do nothing Government .