How the media covered the terror attack in London

Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate lights up in solidarity with London

The United Kingdom was rocked by a terror attack at the center of London, near the Houses of Parliament, last Wednesday. Five peopled died, including a police officer and the attacker Khalid Masood, who belongs to ISIS group, and at least 50 people were injured. As the investigation is still continuing, the media ideally react to each new detail of this shocking story.

From the beginning, we were given an access by social media channels to follow the situation in London. As soon as I got a notification from “BBC News” app, I opened the publication, there was a live streaming from where everything just happened few moments ago and it allowed me to feel as I were in that situation.

The attack is analyzed in such detail that we can know everything in seconds. It began at 14:40:08 and ended at 14:41:30. That is already called as “82-second attack”. During that short time, the attacker sped up, mounted the pavement and began hitting pedestrians indiscriminately.


After car crashed into railings outside the Palace of Westminster, Mashood ran inside the Parliament Square Garden and was shot by a police firearms officer. Before being shot down, Mashood stabbed to death an unarmed police officer Keith Palmer.

And this story has another hero Member of Parliament Tobias Ellwood, who ran towards gunfire to help Palmer. He tried to give Palmer mouth-to-mouth resuscitation and stem the blood amid carnage. Unfortunately, his efforts were not enough to save Palmer’s life — the officer tragically died from his injuries.

“I am heartbroken that I could not do more for Pc Keith Palmer who gave his life in holding the line against terrorism and defending democracy,” Mr Ellwood said in a statement.

British police officers, rescue workers and politicians proved to be heroes. After the terrorist attack in London social networks were just inundated with gratitude and respect words for them.

The Queen also reacted to such Ellwood’s selflessness and honoured him to be referred to as ‘Right Honourable’.

Furthermore, the Metropolitan Police Federation set up a fundraising page for Keith Palmer, which was closed after bringing in more than 700 thousands pound for his bereaved family.

“When we initially started it up, we had a goal which was £250,000. It surpassed that and that was absolutely incredible,” Chairman Ken Marsh said.

In terms of victims, at least 50 people from at least 12 countries were injured. According to the Prime Minister Theresa May, among them were 12 Britons, four South Koreans, three French children, two Romanians and Greeks, one each from Poland, China, Germany, Italy, the US and the Irish Republic.

During the attack, one person was seen falling from Westminster Bridge into the Thames. The Romanian embassy in London later confirmed that it was Romanian woman.

Thereafter, BBC published a footage on their social media platforms filmed by CCTV camera where is visible when woman was falling down.

From journalism side, It is a good material for a more comprehensive report, but people were left horrified by this BBC decision to upload it.

Here are some of people’s reactions:

“I’ll tell you right fucking now. There is NO NEED for that footage. You lot need to take that down immediately. Disgraceful!”

“It is enough to know a women was injured. We don’t need an annotated video showing us and her family the detail”

“Take this down immediately. What about her family and those of the dead & injured? Follow the met police advice. Restraint.”

“Imagine parents and relatives of victims seeing this! Totally shocking and traumatic for them what has happened to the BBC?”

Sadly, BBC is not reacting to that and this video is still available online on their accounts.

On Sunday, a tribute to the victims of the attacks was made at Wembley Stadium, where players and more than 78 thousands fans observed a minute’s silence before kick-off.

London Mayor Sadiq Khan, Culture Secretary Karen Bradley, chairman of The Football Association Greg Clarke and Metropolitan Police Acting Comissioner Craig Mackey placed four wreaths in the middle of the stadium.

In response to the aftermath of London attack, some British people has a clear position — the toll could be higher if not Britain’s strict weapons laws.

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