I’m Sorry Mr. Zuckerberg, But You Are Wrong
Rick Webb

Excellent summation of all that’s wrong in the SOcial MEdia (So Me!) world of cheap, easy, and false “news.” For the sake of accuracy, however, I’d suggestion, however, changing your use of the word “theories” to “hypotheses” in par 7. If you’re going to reference works of research from the academic world, it’s better to use those two words correctly, rather than colloquially. A theory is a predictive model that can accurately explain real-world phenomenon BECAUSE it has been developed through repeated and rigorously tested experimentation and data collection; i.e. mountains of evidence support it. The word you wanted was “hypotheses” which are proposed answers, based on one’s best guess, unsubstantiated by evidence. It comes before the experiment and the next step is to design and conduct that experiment to gather one piece of evidence that will ultimately be rolled up into an evidence-supported, predictive model, i.e. a theory. I’m sure many think the distinction isn’t something to get fussed over, and that’s a problem, too. It suggests scientific illiteracy by the population, promulgated in part my the misuse of the words in the media — news sources, television, movies, and SoMe. That compounds our society’s scientific illiteracy — to devastating effect as we’re clearly seeing.

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