We Need To Stop Using The Term “Literary Fiction”
Joshua Isard

Please, please, please let’s do away with “women’s fiction” too! It seems like that “genre” came about because “chick lit” was derisive, and if a romantic story doesn’t fit the designated tropes of that genre, then what is it? Who’s the genius that answered that with “A woman wrote it so it must be women’s fiction”? The current vogue to lump anything written by a female author that doesn’t meet the conventions of traditional “romance” as “women’s fiction” and the use of that term as a “genre” is patently ridiculous! Where’s the “Men’s Fiction” genre? Oh, that’s right — stories written by men are categorized based on the plot and story elements. How novel. Believe it or not, not all women authors write romance, not all of their works even include a romance, and not all have a female protagonist. Let’s clearly designate the genre of the story by the elements of the story, not by the author’s gender.

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