My Brother, the Unabomber
Michaela Haas

I’ve always had a personal interest in Ted Kaczynski, because the same month in which my husband proposed to me — April, 1996 — he was bombarded with phone calls from journalists wanting a quote from him about the Unabomber.

Although my husband was a professor in the same department during Kaczynski’s two years at Cal, he’d never met him. In fact, none of the math department faculty remembered Kaczynski, except for the (then) chair of the department (who had hired him).

I well remember the nervousness around Berkeley before he was captured, as well as changes his actions wrought at the U.S. Post Office. Just like the “shoe bomber” who has caused millions of gallons of liquids inadvertently brought into airports to be tossed away by the TSA, the Unabomber caused the Post Office to require all parcels above a certain weight threshold to be processed by hand. We take it for granted now, but before the Unabomber you could simply stamp and drop a parcel of any size (that could fit into the big blue receptacle) and it would be delivered anywhere in the U.S.

My heart goes out to David Kaczynski and to his brilliant wife. Kudos to him for working to eliminate the death penalty! What a wonderful way to redeem the actions of his brother. He truly is “his brother’s keeper”.