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Messaging apps have exploded in growth — even overtaking social networks in terms of monthly active users.[*]

Facebook Messenger alone now boasts more than 1.3 billion users!

Here’s a snapshot of Messenger’s growth since it launched as a stand-alone app in 2014:[*]

It’s not just the sheer volume of users…

What would you buy if you didn’t have to spend so much on clothing care?

Prototype example

Let’s be real! All of us spend a few thousand dollars a year buying new clothes and keeping those clothes looking good. In fact, for most of us, our clothes are not just a “want”, but a “need”, maybe for a job or a lifestyle.

We all like to look…

credit: ; please share your thoughts and ideas.

Going into the 4th quarter of 2017, we could state that the digital currency infrastructure of Tokens are early today, but will transform technology tomorrow.

Bitcoins is more than money, and more than a protocol. It’s a model and platform for true…

Hey Start-up World,
We are part of the growing crowdfunding community. At LOCODOR, we work daily to provide entrepreneurs, investors and new start-ups the knowledge and connections to navigate this very complex market.
Here’s a few ways to get started:
1. Fill-up your profile and start connecting with other community members.
2. For Founders and Investors, add your company into our database and upload your current campaign or create a new one. Investors search and claim your spot for the next big idea — chances are, it’s already there!
3. Add your product or service into our Resources section.
4. Browse our forum page for new ideas of your interest.
5. Send a Guest a Post and let your voice be heard the world over.
Enjoy and we hope that our platform can help you succeed in this new economy. :)

Locodor is a Crowdfunding Influencer Platform designed to empower Creators, giving them an open-space network to co-create, collaborate and connect directly with their supporters, backers and the startup world. Your success ultimately relies on the connections you create with your followers. You innovate, design and invest into your vision. At LOCODOR, your story is shared with our community, to make it a win-win for everyone.

I got introduced to Crowdfunding around 2011. At that time, it was really an underground movement from the hip & creative society. #Kickstarter where the pioneers, and people really responded by simply backing an interesting project. I would notice that people are willing to contribute money to someone just because…

Today isn’t just about our new site launch (LOCODOR) — it’s about why we launched it.

For those people that are part of the CrowdFunding world, we all witnessed a massive expansion in the last few years. Crowdfunding has helped over a million startups get from idea to launch. …

check out our beta version of our site


Social Network for Crowdfunding Campaigners

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