Making PornHub and Grindr work for fashion — LOKE at VAMFF Marketing Breakfast

The rapid explosion of innovative tech and digital platforms has subsequently led to the birth of an intense blurred line between online and offline life. A line that can now only be described as completely and unrelentlessly integrated.

Virgin Australia Melbourne Fashion Festival (VAMFF) once again hosted the highly regarded Marketing Breakfast, bringing together progressive industry strategists to discuss the tricks of the trade revealing ways to further enhance business practices to striving like-minded professionals.

As a flourishing tech start-up dreaming big, LOKE Digital had the opportunity to attend the insightful morning meetup, with our ears pricking up to the mention of innovation, creative strategy and digital fluidity. editor-at-large, Melissa Hoyer, hosted the breakfast with the star of the show being Diesel’s artistic director, Nicola Formichetti who single-handedly brought the iconic Diesel back from its tiresome slog to fresh rejuvenation.

Discussing the importance of establishing an iconic digital voice and using social platforms as a way to interact with consumers, the running theme for the morning was the importance of using appropriate social channels and pushing the effectiveness of your chosen platform to its limits. Reiterating that quality over quantity still applies, even this industry when exposure is everything.

The unconventional creative appeared unpretentious and humble, reliving with the crowd his inner-conflict during a time when he questioned his creativeness but pushed his insecurities aside and took a career leap of faith. That risk was his infamous meat dress worn by Lady Gaga, learning from this that his notorious fame came from trusting his gut and throwing himself into every opportunity.

This is when Formichetti confessed that much of the marketing lulls he sees in lacklustre brands are due to industry repetition and trying the same strategy formulas every other brand is attempting. To be successful, you have to stay true to your brand and not jump on the generic bandwagon.

So just how did Formichetti revive Diesel off life support and spoon feed it to greatness? He turned to our obsessive, digitally narcissistic culture and made a campaign paying homage to our self-confessed addiction.

By targeting the digital generation with emojis, likes and selfies, and turning to seemingly unfamiliar advertising territory such as PornHub, YouPorn, Tinder and Grindr, Diesel has taken their digital strategy to another level.

The campaign — a commentary on the digitally, fickle generation — breaks new ground by focusing on advertising on platforms not yet frequented by big fashion brands, and Formechetti is to thank for this genius, but completely logical concept.

With the world metaphorically flat in terms of global connectivity, advances in the digital trade are a reminder that the industry is in a state of constant ebb and flow, bringing with it excitement with the potential of new avenues of digital discovery. Our industry isn’t stuck and stagnate in the old, rather it evolves and adapts to swift change. And that’s why we love it!

Written by Eryn Crowl — Digital Marketing Coordinator at LOKE.

LOKE would like to thank the VICTORIAN STATE GOVERNMENT for the opportunity to attend VAMFF Marketing Breakfast.

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