Featuring: Megan Batoon, Social Media Star’s Fashion Blog Makes a Style Statement

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Megan Batoon is an accomplished dancer, actress, host, YouTube personality, French fry fiend, and all around goofball.

The Florida native got her start entertaining through dance during high school. Megan was an all-star cheerleader; she was captain of her high school freshman, and varsity team. Though originally a skeptic to her own rhythm, it was her cheerleading coach that convinced her she would be good at dancing professionally. When Megan realized that there was less of a chance of getting injured by falling on her head, or having someone fall on her, she recognized that she enjoyed dancing.

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During the summer going into her junior year at the University of North Florida, Megan had auditioned for a role as a dancer in the film Step Up Revolution. Because she didn’t hear back from them she decided to continue schooling for graphic design and on the first day of junior year she received a call back from producers. If she booked the movie, rehearsals would start the next day and because the call back was a 6-hour drive away, and she had just started school, Megan flipped a coin to decide her fate. Alas she booked the role and went on to film in Miami for the next three months. Having the ability to illustrate a story, or express emotion through dance is what made Megan truly grasp that it was a genuine passion of hers. After the movie wrapped it was onto LA to peruse a career in dance. Nowadays, Megan’s favorite part about dancing is being able to choreograph and embed movement with clever word play references.


Along with dancing, Megan also has a huge attachment to comedy. One of her favorite aspects of making YouTube videos is being able to take people’s mind off of their daily struggles, or tough days, and just bring them to laughter. Citing Bo Burnham, Demetri Martin, and Amy Schumer as some of her favorite comics, Megan understands the power that comedy can play in a person’s life. For her, it’s a priceless feeling being in a position to help people across the world through comedic videos.


Never one to shy away from French fries, food also segments its way into Megan’s
YouTube channel. She loves Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse, and Korean BBQ, as well as cooking herself. She’s definitely an advocate for eating healthy, but also knows that French fries are a vital part of life. Being able to use her personality in order to create a career is something extremely exhilarating for Megan. She’s done video brand integrations with Lipton, Hostess, and Jamba Juice to name a few. Megan’s been able to cultivate a hosting persona for live events, brands, and shows including Verizon’s go90, Vevo, Red Bull TV, Samsung, and World of Dance. She’s recently started a style blog showcasing a minimalist everyday approach to fashion. Megan will be making her acting debut in the upcoming dance dramedy Making Moves available on the Fullscreen app. In the coming months, Megan will also launch her own app that will generate exclusive content.

After moving to LA on a coin toss, and taking a gamble with education and family, she’s eternally grateful for all of her fans. Though, Megan prefers to call them family, because without their continued support, she would have never branched out to become the person she is today. In the future, Megan aspires to create her own line of apparel, accessories, and home goods, but for now, she’ll stick to capturing life’s precious moments on social media.

You can follow Megan’s style and fashion blog here.


You have a variety of talents. How would you define what you do?

MB: I’d say everything derives from either dance, comedy, or design. Most of what I do combines two of these main art styles at a time.

How did you initially get your start in the public eye?

MB: I started uploading my choreography from dance classes I would substitute back home in Florida. After a few years and some really great dance opportunities, I moved to LA and fell into the world of Youtube via my friends D-Trix and Ryan Higa who featured me in a few of their videos and encouraged me to start my own channel.

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What’s your life like as a social media star?

MB: Having a presence on the Internet is like having thousands of friends that never sleep. It’s amazing when you want to share your thoughts that wouldn’t have a place in your diary that other people can relate to. I think it’s a great opportunity for people in similar positions as me to brighten days or inspire anyone they can reach on a daily basis. Knowing we have influence to literally change people’s days or even lives from countries we would maybe never be able to visit is so fulfilling.

You just started your style blog, MeganBatoon.com — what was your inspiration?

MB: I absolutely love clothes. I also shop way more than what is healthy and acceptable and anyone that follows me knows that so when I kept getting outfit of the day requests, I figured I could make this something I can put my personal stamp on. There are so many amazing and established style blogs out there, so I knew I’d be coming in out of left field. I really wanted to stay true to the comedy of life so all of the blurbs I write on each post are very conversational and relatable in a funny or sarcastic tone.


What was the transition like from social media star to style expert?

MB: First of all, thank you for classifying me as an expert, but I just find what I like and it turns out that a lot of people like it too. I think it wasn’t such a transition, but more a matter of photographing and posting what I was wearing more consistently.

How would you define your style? How does it influence your personal brand?

MB: My style is extremely simple and clean. It ranges from polished to athletic on a daily basis. People know me as a funny girl and dancer. I don’t have too much comedy in my apparel, (that’s where the blurbs on my blog come in) but I feel like I definitely have a dance and girly influence in my outfits. Everything I wear is approachable and hopefully non-intimidating which is what I feel I am as a person so i’d say my style is really an extension of my personality.


What is your goal for your style blog? Dreams?

MB: I hope to teach or help people discover either great pieces, alternatives, or even what they like through my blog. I make sure to link everything I wear and even multiple items that may be similar if they may like another piece better. I’d love for the site to grow organically with my brand to allow me to create a line of apparel, homegoods, travel, accessories, etc. to sell in a major store worldwide.

How do you plan out and produce your content?

MB: I plan to stay consistent with putting up comedic outfit blog posts and slowly adding in more lifestyle, beauty and DIY content to hit every one of my interests in that space. I’m always doing crafts or interior designing my apartment so I definitely want to create some more equal sections of what I love that can help or inspire anyone who may come across the site.

Any tips for others trying to break into the fashion industry as an influencer?

MB: For any industry, I feel like being yourself is the main key. Your main power you have over anyone else is that they can’t be you. Everyone has something about them that is not able to be duplicated and If you unlock and focus on that, you will make a mark in any industry you are trying to break into.


Don’t forget to take a look at Megan’s style and fashion blog!

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