Pyrotechnics erupt

The fireworks have never been so abrupt

A fiery show, full of sound and fury

An affirmation is the judgment of the jury

More of the same, they cry out

They hanker for another bout

Between the two great boxers

who slipped away unseen from the dock sir

Where did they go?

Only last night they were here

in the main hall of the grand casino

the next morning both are gone

None won

A draw they called it

two winners some say

for them, two losers

so per an agreement —

unspoken —

at a quarter to dawn

to the jungle they went

and fought in barefist

around them came the tiger and the panther

flying above the hawk and eagle

circling them around

predators observing predators

they punched and lobbed at each other

blood spurting and sputtering

spilling and mixing

with rainwater, accompanying

the early morning mist.

their feet dug deep in the mud

they could barely see around them

no smoke machine needed

jabs and hooks they flung

blow by blow absorbed

until the end

who was standing:


both collapse

the pressure too much

a whole night of fighting

and morning more

the two greatest to ever do it

met mono-a-mono

the great counter puncher

and the great dodger.

What happenss when

an unstoppable force


an immovable object?

dear reader, you already know,

the outcome inevitable.

the sun came up

but they stayed down

they’re out for the count