Before I talk more of my life..

…. It’s not therapy….. but does help me.

Jan 21st 2010

I am constantly told by people that BDSM should not be used as therapy, which is completely correct, if you have issues or illnesses, then seeking professional help is always the first point of call, but when you have lived this life all your life….

Bdsm can be healing
 For me, it can be used alongside treatment,
 because when I’m in a place where I’m disconnecting, the pain of putting needles in my ear helps.
 The controlled sting is much better than giving into my urges to self harm with a broken razor.
 When I’m upset beyond reason, it can help give me time to focus on something else rather than get into a panic attack,
 When if feel like my body is useless, pain all over make me aware of the strength I forgot I had.
 Also the act of placing my trust in someone who allows me to do this and who will be there through this with me, is something symbolic and helps to reassure me.
 When I’ve been through things that have made me feel broken, used and unloved, it can remind me that at the time the I struggle to ask for help, yet while submitting to pain, it makes me see I am alive.
 it gives me confidence i don’t have, because I’m able to draw it from our united connection, something that cannot be broken easily.
 And the old days I felt like I have no escape but to end it all,the connection and dedication from my job helped.

What was my job? I was a BdSm Caretaker, a trained Master.

I helped those who needed help, problems you can not call a Police or Medical help, even a locksmith for. We no longer exist, we have disappeared via the internet. With sites like Fetlife, my job in the 80s and 90s has gone.

The scene has also gone, 50 shades of grey has killed it, along with the unsafe life on the web.
 So no, Bdsm is no longer a therapy for me, but if it can help people with issues and illness be able to cope with what life throws at them, and denying that because someone is unwell isn’t right, you would not tell someone with a physical illness they couldn’t partake in bdsm (within safe parameters depending on there needs), mental illness should not be different when it’s taken into account.

Pain helps people, but self harming can destroy, but having someone who cares enough to pierce your ears when you need it {or other body-parts depending on trust}, can help.

BdSm has helped friends of mine to over come self-harming, from mild bondage to controlled pain, sadly the scene is not like it was and even this update article I am writing , has been stolen and copied, it is still alive among some. If you want this life, stay away from sites to search for “like minded people”, use it to find clubs and meets , meet real people within the scene. Don’t read 50 shades of grey, read “story of O” or find real books on the subject.

If you have “Problems” find someone who wants you to be theirs, to care and love you, beware of “Evil Sadists”..

Stay safe.. control the pain…

and if need be… contact the last of the Soho “Caretakers” for advice {me}, yes I am retired, yes I have a new life, a happy life without self harm, but I can still help.

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