Students and I

Student in 20s fighting with other student

“you said it was a date, that we was going to lunch for our first proper date”

“it is lunch”

“its McDonalds, you have 1:99 meal tokens”

“it is still a date, it is still lunch”

“you are a loser, my friends warned me, a lunch date is in a restaurant, not a takeaway with a geek in “Deadpool” T shirt”

“ I am student like you, I have hardly any money”

“Yes I am a student. but look at how I dress etc, many men pay good money on dinner and theater, even nightclub, just to enjoy my time and get touch my body”

“Yes but I love you and respect you”

“You are a loser, so say goodbye, enjoy your burger, I am off to find a real Man”

Guy was almost in tears… then goth looking McDonald’s worker says

“I like your T shirt, you can take me to KFC tonight if you want and come back to mine to watch “suicide Squad”, ,my names Tish”

“I don’t know”

Weird bald guy with groovy beard and “Frankenstein” T shirt interrupts

“Sorry mate, the girl who left was a snob, this one is cute, likes you, is geeky with cool tattoos and likes KFC, and has invited you back to hers to see a movie”

“yeah your right, OK will go out with you, my names Keith”

They smile, she turns to weird bald guy and says

“Your kids must think you are a cool Dad, wish my Dad was as cool as you when I was a Teen”

Old bald weird guy smiles, buys his burger and shovels off, puts I POD in and plays “out of time” by the Stones, feeling the grim reaper put his hand on his shoulder and say

“Nothing I can do about it mate, it is the North East, most people think guys your age have teenage kids or older, but no worries, it will be a while before I collect you”

true story

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