How Instagram Encouraged My Eating Disorder
Brittany Ladin

I agree that many of these photos of ‘healthy’ bodies are unrealistic and that can cause unhealthy behaviors.

But I will offer that many who turn to instagram in their pursuit of healthy living may already be going in with a potentially flawed perspective.

Anyone who truly is out there to become healthy would look up blogs and web sites on fitness regimens and eating habits that might include, say, healthy recipes. These sources are heavy on content and light on imagery.

Instagram, by nature, is much more about pics and very little to do with content. If you are allegedly seeking a healthy lifestyle I might call that into question because it looks more like you’re taking the dangerous route of looking up fit bodies to idolize..and maybe even become that person in the hopes of gaining likes and followers because of their body. You shouldn’t be even going near IG in my opinion because of the motivations behind the people on it.

So I contend there are flaws in your thinking and approach *before* you even start looking up tags on IG….and that out of the gate makes you more susceptible to subscribe to unhealthy behaviors.

We need to teach people to love your body…but also love it enough to take care of it. So, pursue a healthy lifestyle the right way and in the right environments where true healthy living content is shared and endorsed.

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