4 Universal Truths for Brands and Marketers

I’ll buy that. I’ll add to that one big one. Cycles will accelerate. Companies and brands grow, peak and implode real fast now. Just watch stock tickers; there are no blue chip stocks anymore. You have to keep your portfolio moving and find the next big thing…or you stagnate. There are no more blue chip stocks; that phenomenon has passed.

‘Generations’ will become more contained cohorts. We will go from Boomers, Gen X, Gen Y and Millennials to ‘generational’ differences every few years. Talk to a college student now and they’ll tell you they can’t relate to high school students. It will be that fast.

The implication for marketers is beyond learning how to market to millennials; it stretches to developing the very competency to repeatedly adapt at lightning speed to a changing landscape. Big companies especially are going to have to learn to be leaner and more flexible more than ever…or they will get crushed.

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