Achieving Your Goals Won’t Make You Happy
Mitchell Harper

I’m going to largely agree with you but come at it from a few different angles.

First, ever heard of Shawn Achor: He has studied happiness intently @ Harvard and has applied to a career guiding corporations. Here is his typical TEDx style speech

At the 11 min mark there is a huge payoff on what scientifically drives happiness. The specific behaviors.

Before that he provides a powerful conclusion to his years of study…and that is that external factors (your enviro, accomplishments, stuff, etc) only drive about 10% of your happiness. The other 90% comes from how you process your situation and the things that happen to you. So that’s really what it’s all about.

On the topic of goals, you drive yourself into a constant state of dissatisfaction or unhappiness because you never learn to celebrate what you are and what you have accomplished. As soon as you reach one little goal you change the bar and set new goals. You never get there…or allow yourself to celebrate. So they idea is not exactly about enjoying the process, it’s about learning to be proud the milestones you hit throughout the process. It’s harder to be happy about a process specifically but milestones are more tangible.

So for me, happiness has nothing to do with a to-do list. To me, it’s nothing euphoric. It’s simply being at peace with who you are and the decisions you have made in life. That doesn’t mean settling for less; it means learning enough about yourself to create the right vision for your life…and then living it..and embracing it with all its successes and failures, ups and downs.

It’s a state of mind.

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