Open Letter to Twitter
Xiao Ma

I manage it a different way, noting that the world is more openly starting to suffer from feed fatigue. I hold everyone to a higher standard because I don’t need ‘more’ I need ‘best’. Or said another way, I need high ROI on my time.

First, I don’t follow anyone back if they follow me. My ego doesn’t need 10K followers so it does keep my numbers suppressed. I do understand that 4 out of 5 people that follow me want to sell me something. Bleh. So if you follow me I check your account. If I derive no value (informative, entertaining or a kindred spirit of thought processes) in your first ten posts I don’t follow back.

Recently, I have stripped the number of accounts I follow to about 200. About 50 are friends and the other half are the best authorities on the subject matters I care about. If you look closely, much of the content and opinion is duplicate.

So while I say, yeah sure, look for tools to help filter to what you need, use your own experience and reflection to slash the number of accounts you follow. This is my model for all social media going forward, and I can’t say my life is less rich because of it.