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I think you’re taking the term ‘brand’ to only mean slimy marketing schtick.

Of course they are hiring YOU. But who are YOU? What do you have to offer? Why would I hire you? The answer is what your brand is. Yes, you a product. No you aren’t a commodity as no two people are the same. How are you unique? Can you answer that?

If I’m interviewing you and I say “who are you and what am I getting when I hire you?” and you answer with some vague and self-righteous “I’m just meeeeeee!!”, I, like anyone, would tell you how wonderful that is…and then politely excuse you.

Your brand is what the world believes you are, however it’s languaged. You can choose to shape it and own it…or let others draw their own conclusions. Your choice. But it’s there.

And it’s not a dirty thing.

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