I’m actually working from a pretty different hypothesis.
Tony Stubblebine

I’m with you, and I want to jump on the point about content marketing. I agree with that point the most and there are many components to this phenomenon to consider.

First, I feel like I’m reliving the early 2000s all over again, when something becomes a thing. Back then I worked in traditional brand management and everyone was racing to put up web sites….because…well…you just had to have one. Then of course everyone became consumed by the issue of how to drive traffic.

My role as an internal digital consultant was to get everyone to pull back; stop and think about why you are building the web site. The why — as I have written about in another post — is the magic in any strategy or great advice. The web site should be the solution to a need or opportunity, not an objective unto itself.

Later, I wrote about the dangers of having a digital strategy for the same reasons. It’s not an island but rather a piece of a much bigger puzzle. You don’t start with a digital strategy but instead net out at the need for one after asking yourself a number of strategic questions. Same with social media.

And today, I’m advising companies small and large about the same dangers of uploading a content strategy. Founders and marketing managers say to me “people tell me my company/product/self needs a blog; how do I go about it?” And I have to go way back to the ‘why’ issue like it’s Groundhog Day.

Same thing about jumping on a content sharing platform and becoming prolific. The question I have is ‘why?’, and the answer will have a lot to do with to what extent I (or others later on) will want to be on board. And for the content creator, it will help ensure there is a purpose.

So bear with me but I bristle a bit when I hear anything that sounds like an objective that’s volume-related. My bias always starts with filling a need / serving my customer / understanding the ‘why’. I do realize though, that there are collateral benefits to pumping out as much content as possible to accumulate likes and followers. You can monetize that following in a number of ways, including writing guest articles in a number of reputable platforms for $$. But I digress…and I’m also very cool with those who do that.

Because of the proliferation of content and varying objectives, I wrote this post several months ago about how I want to shake up the content market. I want to find a way to match the content to the right user base. And I started by hypothesizing the existence of different types of users. As I point out, I’m both a consumer and generator of niche content with great depth (see, I can’t comment in less than 10 paragraphs…sigh. #thinktoomuch #exhausting), so I’m looking for either exceptional filters and algorithms or simply a place where my people can cohabitate. And, really, for all, that’s what I wish — among all the stuff out there, and the much more to come, the best platforms & methods to get exactly what you need.