The Surprisingly Simple Thing Slack Got Wrong
Dharmesh Shah

Saying this is good ‘enterprise design’ is not forward thinking in terms of how we will work going forward. I don’t see large corporations adopting this anytime soon so instead the target is startups, small to medium sized businesses. Add to that the burgeoning freelance business. I’m in that latter group and I work with multiple companies and I’m on multiple teams. Slack drives me nuts because of this issue. And God help you if you clear your cookies. Log in again, account by account.

We live in a highly transient world; people are moving freely from company to company, team to team, not to mention multi-tasking/dipping their toe into many teams at once.

Net net, an ‘enterprise’ solution is perhaps not the best design for a product that might not have an ‘enterprise’ friendly user base. I think Slack missed an insight.

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