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Some great tips here.

I have taken the productivity discussion to the 10,000 ft level. Many productivity posts are like this one, a list of things to do. Many of us know what to do…but we don’t do it. So, why is that? That’s what I get in to.

I go higher and ask the audience to check their minds first to see if it’s wired right to even begin to do the solid things you talk about.

e.g. your “hell ya or no” choice is bang on…and the mental state needs to be that you are a fairly hard core minimalist. That’s how your brain needs to be wired so that you have a high ROI threshold to invest your time in anything. If you don’t have a minimalist / less-is-more way of thinking you might think everything is ‘hell ya’…and then you have a problem.

Check my post out; maybe a good companion piece…although it broaches workplace productivity, too.

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