The U.S. has Gone F&*%ing Mad
James Allworth

Well there are key words that are hot buttons for Americans that send them into robotic mode. One if FREEDOM (e.g. we must invade IRAQ for the sake of freedom!)…??!?!? and the other is TERRORISM. Fear is a fantastic motivator and ‘terrorism’ is a great word that gets at people’s fears, such that they will jump to attention without regard to consequences. Sad.

You are right, Apple is taking a great stand. There is a huuuuge precedent here — companies undermining their own security and releasing it into the public domain (where hackers can get a hold of it). You help once and you have to help always…and then suddenly we have code to break down encryption flying around the internet that can help anyone look up someone’s browsing activity, bank records, text messages. All of it.

Apple’s decision a marketing decision? Sort of. A break in security is more than marketing, it’s a collapse of the foundation of a company which could destroy it over night. Too big of a risk for one of the largest global companies. And for anyone who thinks a little security risk is no big deal I have two words for them: Ashley Madison.

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