There are no fucking Keys to Success
Jon Westenberg 🌈

Well ya.

Let me give you my take in two points:

  1. Content platforms attract different types of content creators and consumers. One popular match is the content of (alleged) cheat codes being sought after by what I call the ‘formula-seekers’ in a blog post I wrote months ago on how I want to disrupt the advice and content sharing market. Because there are so many desperados interested in this information (which never works), we end up with a proliferation of crap content. My goal is to find a way or place to filter this stuff out to get to the purposeful content for me. I crave useful insight, and it only comes in about 1% of what I read. Those that blog daily tend to actually be the people I steer clear of, if not block when I can. They don’t have enough insight for that amount of content — too much crap to wade through.
  2. I think there is a key to success and it’s simply this: know what it takes for your situation and just (fucking) do it. The first part — knowing what it takes — is what people miss. Requires insight, intelligence and objectivity. I see startups fail because of this all the time — not understanding what is required to make the company go. (or they understand but won’t take the difficult steps to do it). That’s the game. Properly zeroing in on what you need to do — and it rarely involves short cuts.
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