You Don’t Have To Be Everything Right Now.
Chris Marchie


18 months ago I wrote about what I see as a looming societal shift that will soon take root, and you’re an example of it.

Much of it has to do with learning that ‘less is more’, or more importantly, a bias toward even subconsciously metricking ROI on our time spent.

We’re not even close to being there yet. Both at work and in our personal lives we just throw ourselves into a bunch of things, thinking that doing more means living more which in turn makes us happy. It’s the default and unquestionable formula. And, well, heck, even if it doesn’t we can brag to others about how busy we are, since that badge of honor right now lies at the core of the problem.

Once we start becoming impressed with how under control yet fulfilled are the lives of our peers will the momentum shift. We’ll start to feel permitted to explore our happiness and the true root cause…and then do as you suggest — strip down our lives to the essential building blocks of what * truly * makes it great. Almost everything else gets chucked, leaving some delicious and much-needed space in our lives.

Stand by, it’s coming.

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