Social Sales? How and how!

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From the beginning of 2016 my role has changed from Project manager to Administration & Sales. How Administration is something that is not that cool and funny my focus in this article will be on Sales.

For the last few weeks I was doing research and trying to find what could fit to our culture & lifestyle in COBE. There is a lot of different ways, methods and examples, but nothing intrigued me that much as Social Sales. Maybe also because my past was connected with Social Media.

So, I jumped into deeper research what is out there about Social Sales, examples & case studies and what we can use in our case.

For me craft brewery Nova Runda is small but great example how to do Social Sales. That why I will try to explain how to win in Sales. Miroslav Šuvak is THE guy behind all community/sales/marketing things and I just find out that he didn’t know he is doing Social Sales!

History — Long story, short story:

Two guys who like beers more than anyone I know decided to brew their own craft beer, and two years later they have one of the best beer at the market, APA (you must try it!).

Nova Runda craft brewery (twitter profile picture)

So, let’s start:


For the past few years THE MOST important thing if you want do Sales (and become someone) is content.

How they do content?

  1. very spontanious, but with sense
  2. sometimes they break rules (why not!)
  3. different topics about their industry (educate you fans)
  4. they support others in industry (big like for that, you can try to do it with other work/projects)
  5. they share their knowledge without hesitation (sharing is caring!)
New declaration for kegs. Picture: Nova Runda (twitter)

Thought Leaders

If you have people in the team who likes to move things forward put bigger focus on them! Their ambition will help to become faces of company and will transform your business to all other area. Because company is people/team.

Miroslav Šuvak, twitter profile

Same situation is with Nova Runda. I think is ok to say that Miro is Thought Leader. Why? Because when someone mention Nova Runda first think is Miro and community respect him a lot.

How they/him accomplished that?

  1. first at all Miro is social guy with great social skills
  2. he didn’t even know anything about sales/marketing but he learned a lot (still learning)
  3. he have great freedom to create great content

What you can also do?

  1. find your Miro
  2. build person skills with clear short&long goals
  3. give that person marketing/sales knowledge
  4. give a freedom!
  5. focus to build people branded company, not brand company

So my long goal is:

Help to define and build (Thought) Leaders in COBE, what is your?

Social Networks

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, Snapchat… where is the end?

You don’t need all this social platforms to do marketing/sales things. What companies doing today is wrong. They are everywhere but nowhere.

What we can learn from Nova Runda?

  1. they use only 3 platforms: FB, TW and blog
  2. blog is for longer articles, FB for news, and TW for building community
  3. lots of new clients made first contact through social media because of content
  4. they are building beer community step by step
  5. also started meetups & online beer testing sessions (#pivskasrijeda)
  6. and they are educating community, big thanks for that Miro!

What me and you can do?

  1. sit together with team and see interests
  2. define team goals
  3. define platforms you need (in our case Dribbble, Instagram, Medium & our future blog)
  4. choose where to share what kind of content
  5. always start small, then expand (one platform then build others)
  6. be proactive (don’t spam)

Decision Makers

Every sales person what to catch decision makers! But how to do that and not become asshole?

Picture from

Miro is doing this for some times and it works! He expand his clients list from month to month.

Let see if same formula can work for me and maybe for you too:

  1. I will do research clients that my company want to work
  2. try to get Decision Makers
  3. research again and find out many informations I can about them (like spy :D )
  4. I will try to get inv0lved on same topics/interests
  5. next step is build relationship (this will be hard)


If you follow all suggestions you read right now, this will be just beginning. How to do relationship is always up to you. There is so much different ways to go, to handle person on the other side of screen.

But here is few advice what you can do (I will try my best):

  1. be human, not a corporate plant
  2. give advice, share knowledge
  3. act politely
  4. do not sales at first contact!
  5. do not sales at all, it will come with good relationship

Now, let’s start work!

Hope this article will help you to move one step closer to new clients. I will try to use all of these in my case and share with you more knowledge.

If you have something to share / comment you can do it here or contact me through social accounts:

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or email: luka [@] cobeisfresh .com

Big thanks to Miro and Nova Runda for inside informations!

I also want to thanks Tim Hughes for great Social Sales examples and content.

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