An Open Letter to Millennials Like Talia…
Stefanie Williams

So my takeaways from this are:

You’re the type of person who has to make everything about you.

Because you struggled everyone should struggle

According to you a person’s age determines how much they’re worth.

You felt the same way as she did when you were in a similar situation only difference you didn’t express it online (at that time cause most of this post is about YOUR struggles)

The only reason you were able to get back on your feet is because you knew someone who felt bad for you and helped you a get a new gig.

You’re a hypocrite. you went to a bar (im sire many other places) when you couldn’t afford to but criticize her for having bourbon, you’re mad that she vented about being underpaid and struggling but you’re telling us about how you were underpaid and struggling

You’re bitter because you had to work harder than you thought you would have just like she has to work harder than she thought she should. You’re bitter because people decided to donate money to her to help and you had to wait tables.

Just because she vented doesn’t mean she has poor work ethic

Apparently a college degree means nothing and a person shouldn’t expect to be paid more money because they have one.

You feel one generation of people are better than another

You like to assume you know people just by their social media posts. Do you know people mainly only posts the good things ing their life? So you shouldn’t assume her laptop is nice, her parents help her, or anything else.

You don’t like millennials because to you they’re lazy, spoiled, and entitled brats when actually they know their worth and aren’t settling for anything less. They’ve been told majority of their life if you go to college, know their worth, and do abc then you will receive xyz. So im not understanding why its wrong for them to expect xyz after they’ve done abc as told.

I could go on but I’m not because I’m sure it will fall upon deaf ears since you feel I haven’t struggled enough to know what I’m talking about or dont have the right or nerve to express myself because of my age and I haven’t “paid my dues”