Croatia Crosses International Border, Invades Liberland

Video captured by LSA shows Liberland citizen abducted from Europe’s newest micro-nation

Liberty Island, Liberland — At about 4pm local time today, a Liberland citizen, Ulrik Grøssel Haagensen, was abducted by Croatian occupying forces on Liberty Island, a Danube river island and part of Liberland territory. Taking part in the hostilities was an unlawful combatant disguised as a fisherman in an unmarked fishing boat, working in tandem with the Croatian forces.

Mr. Haagensen had just lawfully arrived on the island after a harried journey across the Danube. Croatian police boats blocked his passage, openly flouting articles 24, 26, 27, 28, and 30 of the Danube Convention, using their powerful boats to intimidate him.

Haagensen docked on the sovereign soil of Liberland and attempted to flee, fearing for his safety. The armed Croatian agents illegally raided the island, crossing international lines, and pursued him on foot. Haagensen hailed them and gently but firmly asked them to present identification, while he identified his own status as a Liberland citizen.

The Croatian forces responded by assaulting Haagensen. Despite his protests, and in violation of international law and civilized and decent behavior, they forced him to the ground, kneed him in the back, handcuffed him, raised him painfully by his arms, and dragged him to an awaiting patrol boat. All of these actions took place outside of Croatian jurisdiction.

Haagensen’s feet up in the air as he is placed face down in a patrol boat

Haagensen was placed face down in a high speed boat, gravely endangering his safety. He was then transferred into Croatia, in violation of the Fourth Geneva Convention. His current location is not yet known. The LSA is appealing to the regional delegation of the International Committee of the Red Cross to ensure the humanitarian treatment of Haagensen in the notorious Croatian prisons, and to request the protection of the ICRC in the face of repeated and grave violations of the Geneva Conventions on the part of the Republic of Croatia.

The Liberland government and the Danish embassy have been notified. Haagensen is a native of Denmark.

“We will be outside court tomorrow protesting, and Ulrik will be supported on the inside by our lawyer.”

Niklas Nikolajsen, director of the LSA, said in a statement, “We are rallying the whole greater Liberland organization and indeed the world to get Ulrik released by his abductors! We will be outside court tomorrow protesting, and Ulrik will be supported on the inside by our lawyer.”

Nikolajsen encouraged supporters to protest these abuses to their local Croatian embassies and consulates, in writing, by mail and by phone, or by going there with a “Free Ulrik” sign.

This is not the first time Croatia has flouted international law in Liberland. Three Liberland women and one man were abducted on Liberland Island just a few days ago.

Contributions to Haagensen’s legal fund can be made to the following Bitcoin address:

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Liberland is a small area of land, about 7 km², located between the borders of Serbia and Croatia. Until very recently, this land was terra nullius, claimed by no country and specifically and officially disclaimed by both Croatia and Serbia. The Free Republic of Liberland claimed this land on 13 April 2015, in a statement delivered on Liberland territory by president Vít Jedlička.

The Liberland Settlement Association, is a Swiss NGO dedicated to the settlement and development of Liberland, and open to members from around the world.

For a background on the legal aspects of Liberland and its status as a sovereign country, see:

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