Figures show increase in finance and accountancy jobs

Figures from Staffordshire and Cheshire-based recruitment agency Brampton Recruitment have shown an increase in finance and accountancy jobs in both counties.

October was revealed to be the best time of year to search for a new job, with the agency reporting an increase in jobs over the past few months and expecting the trend to continue over autumn and winter.


Brampton Recruitment’s figures suggest that there are more opportunities available for those looking for finance and accountancy roles, with the agency reporting its busiest quarter in four years as a result of a sharp increase in job vacancies in these sectors.

Job growth in Staffordshire and Cheshire has continued to remain at a high in 2017, with the agency also reporting strong growth in the second and third quarters of this year.

According to the agency, the increase in accountancy and finance jobs goes against this year’s earlier trend of workers experiencing a fall in real pay, with employers now offering higher salaries to attract talented candidates.


Commenting on the increase in finance and accountancy job opportunities, Brampton Recruitment Director Claire Leigh said: “As confidence within the finance and accountancy sectors continues to grow, the number of opportunities for job seekers has also increased.”

She added: “To stay ahead of their competitors, businesses are searching for high-calibre candidates who will aid in the growth of the organisation. Businesses are now offering higher starting salaries and larger benefit packages to attract suitable candidates.”

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