Finance firms top world’s first ever social mobility employer index

What is believed to be the world’s first ever social mobility employer index has been released, with banking, finance and professional services firms topping the list.

The Social Mobility Employer Index is a joint initiative between the Social Mobility Foundation and the Social Mobility Commission and is run in partnership with the City of London Corporation. The index features the top 50 employers in the UK who have taken the most action to help improve social mobility in the workplace.


The index identified the sectors and companies that are being more inclusive by providing opportunities for talent from all backgrounds.

The final index was selected by a panel of experts, with research being carried out to find out how businesses are improving social mobility.

The research found that more employers are finding out about the social background of new and current employees, with 41 per cent asking workers about the type of school they attended and 39 per cent asking about university.

The professional services and finance sectors were found to be taking the most action to improve social mobility, with Grant Thornton UK LLP topping the list. KPMG, Deloitte UK, PwC and EY also featured in the index, with the Big Four firms being ranked second, fifth, seventh and 16th place respectively.


Commenting on the index, Social Mobility Commission Chair Alan Milburn said: “Improving the UK’s dismal social mobility record requires new action by employers and not just governments. It is very welcome that more employers are changing their workforce strategies to ensure they don’t lose out on talented people from less privileged backgrounds. The top 50 are paving the way and I thank them for their efforts. Where they are leading, I hope others will follow.”

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